Gadher Pluralism & reality 2020

Hinduism in the past has survived Mongol or Mogul and Colonial invasions and domination -  so it can easily survive Corona virus and the challenges it brings - however, the question remains - can Gadher Community survive the challenges of today and yet retain their identity and way of life ?


These are some of the questions we would like to address and debate !     





Pluralism is a situation in which people of different social classes, religions, races, colour etc., are together in a society but continue to have their different traditions and interests.  It strongly supports the belief that people of differences can live together in a society, prosper as well as progress.  Currently, the move to globalization, ease of travel, the freedom of information, internet, social media and desire to succeed, brings pluralism to the forefront of our future.  We also need to address the question of the links between pluralism and economic prosperity as well as the diverse demographics driving globalization or vice versa.  Additionally, we are at a stage where we can build our cultural fluency as well as capture and enhance the full potential of our Gadher Community / Parivar and of our younger generation if we are focussed, organised and determined.  Hence to this end, we have to be fully confident as to who we are and what values we aim to retain without dilution or loss.   This website has highlighted as well as brings to the forefront many of these values as well as touches on our wonderful historical past, traditions, diaspora routes and who we are.  This is regardless of whatever part of the world we may have put our roots down.



Key Questions

  • How is diversity and trans-national identity changing the way we all engage each other and the rest of the world?
  • What are the links between diaspora, diversity and our competitiveness?
  • How do we assess the role, and measure the total impact of living abroad on our cultural values?
  • What advice can we give Gadher youngsters to achieve their hopes and dreams whilst living in this changing societal world?
  • What are the challenges of living in a multicultural society, whilst retaining our richness of our own cultural and religion?
  • What will be the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technology moving forward?
  • How will education change our young in the next ten years 



                                      We are at a cross-road of reality 


                                      ( Source: Photoburst Trip)


                   ............... a mirage or a reality?


Indeed, pluralism encapsulates all cultures, ethnicities, religions, genders and much more and should be given the space to flourish so that individuals can express themselves. A supportive environment that precludes discrimination on the basis of social characteristics can empower individuals to tap into their innovative and entrepreneurial potential. This aspect rings true to all Indians, who traditionally take pride in the accepting nature of a multicultural society that celebrates individual differences without endorsing assimilation or damage to their hindu values or way of life.  


So what can we share and what can we expect in return?


Sharing of our family values, festivals and religion


Sharing of our classical music - oldest in the World !


Sharing of our ideology and values of Hinduism 


Sharing of our non-violence in a violent world

Sharing Yoga and meditation with the World at the International Yoga Festival in India

Sharing of our flavours of life


Making Diwali our Christmas  - not Christmas our Diwali !  - is key !



Education..........and offering our expertise to the World 


Gadher Uniqueness 

Education has facilitated tremendous progress of the Gadher community as more and more of the younger generation exert their influence over many aspects of everyday life.  Education has also unravel the complexities as well as dispelled orthodoxy and out-dated ideas. In addition, anticipation and optimism is helping families to re-group for the better.


We are blessed with wonderful festivals and beliefs which very few other culture have - so why not enjoy them to the full!


Sharing our colourful festivals  -  now adopted by the whole World!



Sharing our majestic dances   


Sharing our sports - Kabadi, Cricket, hockey,.........


Sharing our colourful colours   - now enjoyed by all 


Sharing our practices  -  sun worship, love of nature, kindness to animals, ...


Sharing our majasticity 


Sharing our art, culture and uniqueness


Sharing our henna and Ayurveda with the World

Gadher families with futuristic views have managed to stay in touch with the advancements of today.  With the Internet, 'on-line' learning, ease of access to published material and avaibility of information at a touch of a button, has completely changed the concept of communication and gathering.  Days are certainly numbered for large family type 'get-togethers'  which were very beneficial in handing down culture and traditions.  Hence, it is absolutely vital that we stay connected by all means including via internet and our website - any via Zoom, Teams, Webex and phones.


Jivanbhai's saying about reality in the pluralistic environment:

Fascination, intensity and expectations of the highest level to be shared with all  - what more?