Our Kurdevi Temples & Surapura Dada sites

Should we allow Kurdevi differances to divides us ?

          What can we do to unite all Gadhers ?

                    What should be our main aim in 2020 and the vision for 2030 !


Millions of people worship many different Kurdevis.  Millions worship Ashapura Mataji and also have faith in Sura Pura Dadaji.  There are hundreds of temples of various Matajis' and several sites to Dadaji  - so does it really matter which site of worship you visit in Gujarat or Ranavav or India?


All sites have great significance, special meaning and a great historical past.  Often people use these site differences to segregate themselves and divide families. We  Gadhers' should be respecting all these sites as a 'whole of our heritage' and using these powerful historical heritages and their histories to unite our Gadher families !  Our historical past speaks for itself   - but each Gadher needs to speak for him or herself with a positive mind-set as well as a desire for unity and 'one-ness' .....................or we will be left divided and in disarray in this fast paced World !


Sura Pura Dada places - Ranavan








                                  Timeless reminder



Valient forefathers 


                               Brave & determined 



Ashapura Mata Temples - Ranavav



















Other sites of interest - Ranavav




                              Historical past









    Ignorance, distrust, disunity and disdain will leave us behind in this fast moving World  - hence unity our logo !



Real Reality: 

1) Jagdamba translates to "Universe Mother" and she is considered to be the mother of the entire universe - this is one reason to put aside any 'Kuldevi differences' which detract and distract from the real reality of our Kuldevi Worship !  Whichever ancestral Kuldevi we have faith in, is the one for us to worship !


            The only Supreme Devi is Jagdamba Mata and all Kurdevis are her manifestations


2) Millions worship 'Ashapura Maa' for reasons ! 

            For historical reality, please view below :   

               HISTORY OF ASHAPURA MATAJI         <   CLICK TO VIEW      



Jivanbhai's saying about unity:

Our historical sites is our heritage and they speak for themselves.  We now need each Gadher to speak for oneself for unity and 'one-ness'.  United, we will progress but divided we will regress and deteriorate in this fast paced world of today!