Gadher pride, unity and historical past remembered

Gadher Lineage and Family  Tree – historical reality to date





Gadher lineage is the continuation from the Chudasama, Rajput Kshatriya lineage of King Denendra.  The king’s son Raja Gajpat spread his kingdom from Dwarka onwards as the population increased.  Being a Rajput Kshatriya meant honor and survival as invasions after invasions from internal and external invaders attempted to overrun the territory.  This is where the Rajputs stood tall and defended our land and families.












Whilst there were benefits to the increase in population in terms of confronting the invading forces, and defending the horn of Gujarat, earning a living started to become difficult.  This was the time when one of the Chudasama Rajput prince named Savji decided to look for fresh pastures and moved away from what is now Junagadh to the region what is now Gadheci.  The Gadher lineage continued over many generations, and our family tree grew chronologically as tabled above.




                                           When Monsoons failed to arrive !


Climate changes leading to draught and compounded by scarcity of space prompted Madan Bapa to move like his ancestors had done in the past in search of better prospects.  He and his clan branched out and settled in the region what is now Ranavav. Mandan Bapa died a valiant warrior protecting his clan and this is where the Surapura ancestral worship comes in as explained in the Kuldevi / Kuldevta sections.

The name Ranavav comes from: Ran = Rana Shaib, the ruler at the time and vav or a water well (vav), giving the name Ranavav.  Rana Shaib was the princely owner of the land around Porbandar and it was his water which attracted the families as there was extreme famine in other parts of Gujarat.  In order to survive, many of our descendants had to turn their hands to farming and a good combination of arable land and water facilitated this.  Those who had the man power to farm the land, quickly took to farming and others turned to crafts that would support the community.  This included carpentry, pottery, house building and tasks which would earn them their keep.


Our Saints and Sages

Our saints and sages had laid down rules for us to follow for all sorts of aspects of life and living.  They had advised us about marriage, procreation, dangers of interbreeding as well as the need to diversify in our occupation in order to survive.  Many of these simple rules and yet so powerful have not only kept the Gadher community alive but thriving. In communities and nations where such saints and sages are not there to advise, such rules are not followed, for example interbreeding in some communities where marriage between cousins from the father's side or mother's side is permitted in order to keep the wealth or land in the family.  Such interbreeding carried out blindly continues to have disastrous consequences in the population where genetical mutations, birth defects and neurological problems are rife.  In our ancestral communities and in our present day Gadher Parivar, this aspect was given great consideration using the Gotra, Kuldevis, lineage, relationships and inter-relationships of the two persons to be joined in matrimony.  Some even went further and checked not only the astrological aspects but also the integrity of the families in question - after all it was a question of life!  Hindus values life - not only the human one but all and have managed to successfully utilise this over the years to the best possible effect.  More of the aspects of 'Hinduism' are covered in other tabs of this website.








Our Family Tree is absolutely  important to us as it points to our roots and our origin. Once established, it should often be visited to remind us of our ancestory and who we are !  Without this identity, we are like millions who do not know where they originated or where they are going !



Gadher Family  Tree – to date

 We have now managed to establish our full Gadher Family tree from Madanbapa lineage to present day 2020 Gadher Parivar for the benefit of our younger generation



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                                 I love my tree  - it is my identity, my history of origin as well as my growth ! 

To prevent re-selling of our family tree, we have a 'lock-in ID' and 'password' available to our Parivar registered members who can log in with necessary details.  







Gadher Family Tree in three sections:

Growing Section  ............Gadher Family Shoots 2020 (with Locked ID & Password access)  

Middle Section     ........... The Mature Middle Section of the Tree (please see below)

Anchor Section ............   Our seed of life !    (Shree Krishna)                                                                                                         



                                                    Present Day Growing Section

                        ' Gadher Family Tree' as it grows and as we nurture it :


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                                                                           'Time for nurturing and watering'



                      To present day 2020 Gadher Family Tree                                                                                                                                


                                                                         Middle Section  - Greener than green & mature



                                                                            Anchor Section - Our creation and tree of life 





Gadher Parivar / Gadher Communities have had relatively seren and safe journeys of life as compared to many others communities and cultures who had to fight slavery, poverty, diseases and unjustices.  Many are still currently fighting these.  From this point of view, we are blessed by our 'Kurdevis' and our 'Forefathers' (Surapura Dadas) who protected and nurtured us.  Even during times of difficulties, our unity and the thinking of our elders facilitated our survival.

            ...............will we and our future generation be able to propogate such a unity, ideology, philosophy and momentum ? 



Jivanbhai's saying about extended family and family tree:  

We should get to know our intimate family first followed by our immediate family before embarking on a mission of understanding our extended families........and ...we should not leave it too late! (meaning - getting to know our intimate & immediate members first as life is too short!)