Commitment to Gadher unity and website progress to date


                                                            'Jay Ashapura mata, Balvi mata, Gatral mata'



                                                                                        Jivan Darbar 


Quotation from Shree Jivanbhai Nathoobhai Gadher:

Without our beliefs, culture, community, identity and language, .............we would be nothing but just one of many wandering around searching for something to adhere to  - that would be a real pity for our present and future generation as well as negligence on our part ! 





   This World is a big Gymnasium where character has to be established through a thousand stumbles



With blessings of our Devis, Kuldevis and with profound inspiration from Swarasati mata, we have managed to put together this very simple website for our Gadher Parivar / Community to enjoy.  With time, we aim to add further information so that none of our treasured historical past as well as our goodness is lost in this ever changing world we live in.